Adhesive solutions for paper and packaging

We have been developing adhesives for graphics applications and the packaging industry for over 85 years. We have comprehensive expertise especially when it comes to the bonding of refined papers and finished surfaces. Our adhesive solutions are geared to the efficient further processing of paper and packaging. As well as bookbinding, we also serve the areas of fold-gluing and print finishing – on request we can also provide customised systems and special solutions.

The intensive development work carried in this field allows us to continuously introduce new solutions for paper and packaging to the market. In addition to our powerful adhesives for end-of-line, paper sack manufacture, folding boxes and corrugated cardboard, we also develop special solutions for individual applications in the packaging industry, all approved in accordance with FDA and BfR regulations, of course.


The innovative adhesive technology “Planamelt” for high-quality adhesive binding won silver in the Print&Media Award.

Our products in the area of paper and packaging

  • Construction precision, usable as single or multi-point scheme
  • High precision and low spray, even with high-speed machines
  • Outstanding nozzle flow properties
  • Processing of difficult substrates and high production speeds
  • Powerful and effective in usage
  • Adaptation to customer requests
  • Cost-effective standard solutions
  • All viscosity ranges
  • Heavy-duty bonding
  • Adhesive solutions for the most diverse substrates and applications

Planatol adhesives for paper & packaging


Our fold glues are carefully adapted to the procedure of rotary fold-gluing and are subject to continuous optimisation. For the design, our application technicians in the adhesive laboratory work hand in hand with our assembly developers. This enables us to guarantee the perfect interaction between application system and adhesive. The fold-gluing system and the dispersion adhesive used ensure top performance with machining speeds of up to 20 m/ s. The miniature application nozzles with diameters from 0.3 mm allow the adhesive to be applied smoothly and an optimum bond to be achieved. Our professional adhesive recommendation gives you the required security for your production. We also place great emphasis on ensuring economical use for our customers: up to fifty kilometres of paper web can be processed with just one kilogram of our adhesive.

  • Range of cost-effective standard products and special solutions
  • Can be used for a wide range of papers and surfaces
  • Improved running characteristics (folding aid)
  • Production reliability for our customers
Fields of application
  • Longitudinal gluing
  • Cross web gluing
  • Fold softening



Planatol has over 85 years of experience in the tradition of manufacturing glues for bookbinding. As early as 1932, the company began producing dispersions for manual book manufacturing and the newly invented adhesive binding. Thanks to our vast experience and expertise in the adhesive binding of books, we are able to continuously develop new adhesives and innovative adhesive systems to convince our customers.

The range of glues and adhesives made by Planatol now includes a large number of products for industrial and manual book manufacturing. In addition to dispersions, hotmelts and polyurethane melt adhesiveshotmelts have also become established for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, with the new hotmelt technology Planamelt, we are able to offer an adhesive system which is somewhere between EVA hotmelt and PUR adhesive.

Find out about Planamelt here.

Our adhesives and glues for bookbinding are suitable for all technologies and applications and stand out due to their high temperature stability and excellent layflat characteristics.

  • Suitable for all technologies and applications
  • High temperature stability
  • Excellent layflat characteristics
  • Innovative adhesive systems
Fields of application
  • Spine glue
  • Side glue
  • Casing-in
  • Other bookbinding work
Print Finishing

Planatol adhesives that are used for foil lamination provide the ideal bond between the laminate foil and printed product. They offer a high degree of gloss, are free of particulates, and have a very fast and high degree of initial adhesion, which is particularly important when the window for further processing is short. Planatol adhesives can even be used on high-speed machines. In development, we take special care to create dispersions that tend not to produce foam.


  • Large portfolio for the area of print finishing
  • Customised solutions
Fields of application
  • Foil lamination
  • Mailings
  • Addressing
  • Fugitive adhesives
Folding boxes and corrugated cardboard

Packaging serves not only to protect the product and provide information to the customer, but also to convey a message and image with regard to the brand. Our high-performance adhesives are found in countless items of packaging around the globe and are produced in optimum quality to fulfil the individual requirements of the respective product. In these cases, dispersions, PSA and hotmelts are used which are applied by means of nozzle, roller, disc or wheel application.

  • Construction precision, usable as single or multi-point scheme
  • High precision and low spray, even with high-speed machines
  • Excellent nozzle flow properties
Fields of application
  • Longitudinal gluing
  • Cross web gluing
  • Folding bottom gluing
  • Window bonding
End of Line solutions

Adhesives for end of line solutions, on the other hand, are required to meet special requirements due to the extreme processing conditions such as very high or very low temperatures or very high running speeds, and require optimum suitability in order to support and optimise modern production processes. Our adhesives meet the high requirements which arise, for example, from the restoring forces acting on the folding points. Depending on the application, we recommend the use of EVA and metallocene hotmelts or PSA. But formulating the optimum adhesive is not the end of the matter by any means: At Planatol, you can be sure to receive an all-round carefree package which includes comprehensive application consulting and the necessary machine expertise.

  • Processing of difficult substrates and high production speeds
  • Powerful and effective in usage
  • Special temperature requirements
Fields of application
  • Sealing of cartons and folding boxes
  • Deep-freeze application
  • Tray straightening
  • Outer packaging
  • Drinking straw strengthening
  • Bag and sack bonding
Bags & Sacks

Paper sacks are a widespread packaging solution not only for cement, granules or chemical feedstocks. They are used in diverse sizes and variants in the area of consumer goods and feature several glued joints which are processed in high-speed and fully automated processes. Between two and six layers of various materials are used, from coated paper to foils and aluminium. Our adhesives are easily applied and optimised for high-speed processes. For the production of paper sacks, we usually use dispersions, metallocene hotmelts and PSA, which, on request, can be approved in accordance with FDA and BfR regulations.

  • All viscosity ranges
  • The adhesives are adapted to the various combinations of paper/foil
Fields of application
  • Paper sacks
  • Valve sacks
  • Schlauchsäcke
  • Cross-floor sacks
  • Tube sacks
  • Heavy duty bonding
  • Sealing foils