Planatol adhesives

As a leading supplier of adhesives for the paper and woodworking processing industry, we also develop, produce and sell customised solutions in addition to our standard product range. We are the trusted partner of printers and bookbinders, packers, package and furniture manufacturers, providing the perfect adhesives for both small-scale, manual operations as well as large-scale, automated, production facilities. For everything from books, newspaper supplements, calendars, folding boxes, paper bags, kitchens and doors – you can be sure to find the suitable industrial adhesive and bookbinding glue.

Paper and packaging

Planatol adhesives for bookbinding, refined papers, foils, finished surfaces and packaging.

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Whether it’s the bonding of furniture and kitchens, parquet or laminate, wooden composites or structures such as doors and windows: we are also specialised in powerful and reliable adhesives for Woodworking.

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Industrial applications

Our industrial adhesives are used in many different branches, such as the construction and textile industry. Wherever reliable bonding is required and weight needs to be kept to a minimum.

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About us

With over 85 years of experience in adhesive production, we stand for flexible and reliable adhesive bonds. Get to know us.

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