Industrial adhesives as the modern joining technique

Adhesives in the construction industry

Glued components are found more and more frequently in and on construction objects. Starting from the insulation under the base plate to the facade insulation and roof sealing, today’s adhesive systems are processed so that they not only provide the adhesive connection but also perform functional tasks.

In insulation panels and roof linings, for example, a thermoplastic hotmelt can have a positive influence on the diffusion of water vapour and oxygen.
Furthermore, the adhesive can also make a positive contribution to the important aspect of flame protection.

Adhesives in the textile industry

Today, modern and intelligent textiles have to comply with important parameters. From providing the necessary flame retardancy to a high degree of breathability and sterilisation resistance, to heat and cleaning resistance in the washing machine, the possibilities are very diverse.

These requirements for the adhesives can be met by using moisture-curing polyurethane hotmelts for lamination of the individual textile webs.

Technical adhesive applications, e.g. in the automotive industry

Over the last few decades, adhesives have grown in importance in the automotive industry and have been used to supplement existing procedures such as welding and bolting/riveting and in some cases even replace them. The use of industrial adhesives allows the total weight of the vehicle to be reduced. This is why modern passenger cars contain a series of different adhesives which are used in various applications.

Planatol offers industrial adhesives for demanding applications in the automotive industry, in particular for self-adhesive coatings in the following areas:

  • Adhesive strips, e.g. for wrapping wiring harnesses
  • Adhesive coated foils or insulating materials
  • Self-adhesive materials such as decorative strips

Planatol supplies automotive suppliers as well as the aviation industry. Our adhesives stand out due to their strict profile of requirements. The production of the adhesives and the approval-relevant properties of the adhesives themselves are subject to a stringent monitoring program. Our customers are assured of the correct usage by the associated certificates.

Planatol sticking adhesives – insects are hooked!

Planatol is a leading developer of pest control sticking adhesives that are environmentally compatible and harmless in terms of both processing and application

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