Planatol Ultimate H1500-The new packaging adhesive

The demands placed on high-performance and functional packaging are constantly growing, as this can be the decisive factor in the purchasing decision, especially in the consumer goods sector.

With Planatol Ultimate H1500 Planatol completes the packaging adhesive portfolio in the Ultimate family with another high-quality member. A suitable product for all requirements can be offered to the customer comprehensively from this portfolio.

Excellent performance and processability

The Planatol Ultimate H1500 is characterized by excellent processing and product properties, very high adhesion to difficult substrates, e.g. varnished or laminated surfaces, high hot tack and good low-temperature flexibility. Planatol Ultimate H1500 provides excellent adhesive strength and effectively absorbs recovery and shear stress, even with ideal, low adhesive application. The low application rate and the associated low adhesive consumption have a lasting positive effect on the environment as well as on economic efficiency.

In addition, the new packaging adhesive Planatol Ultimate H1500 has high colour and oxidation stability and, together with low odour nuisance, ensures high process reliability for the user.