Planatol Planatex BP – the latex-free adhesive dispersion for Application Paper

Having no longer to resort to a product that is exposed to natural conditions was the aim and basic idea behind the development of this innovative adhesive. This means that you no longer have to give in to price fluctuations, as supply and demand previously dictated the price.

For the manufacturers of application papers, the use of latex-based adhesives entails some imponderables in processing, as the occuring strong ammonia odour is perceived as very stressful. For adhesive manufacturers and coaters of paper-based application papers, the use of latex-free adhesives offers a significant improvement in the manufacturing process, as there are no more unpleasant odours.


Planatol presents a real innovation with the latex-free adhesive dispersion Planatex BP

Planatol breaks new ground in the coating of application paper with the innovative and modified adhesive Planatol Planatex BP. In practice, these are used in a wide variety of applications, such as for attaching to automobiles, in the construction or object sector, in exhibition stand construction or for advertising boards in indoor or outdoor areas. Planatol’s high-quality adhesive is ideal for both dry and wet applications and leaves no adhesive residue whatsoever during wet transfer. The application paper can be easily removed from the roll and also has excellent flatness. The product does not tend to block or transfer adhesive when applied in the roll. The adhesive dispersion has a medium adhesive force setting and very good ageing and UV stability. Whether large or small areas, whether on glossy or matt substrates, whether lettering or logos – the high-quality coating with Planatol Planatex BP is characterized by easy handling, crease-free application and consistent processing quality.

Planatol Planatex BP offers many advantages through these excellent processing properties in order to increase process reliability and efficiency.