New brand “Planarit”: ready-made powder glues for woodworking

We take over the ready-made powder glues business from BASF and continue it under the new brand “Planarit”.

Planarit combines among itself different product variants, which are used for high-quality bondings in the areas of surface gluing and veneer joint gluing.

As a BASF system partner, we previously supplied customers with Kaurit® liquid glues and Bonit glue modifications, among other things, and have been the exclusive supplier of ready-made powder glues since January 2019. The self-curing Planarit powder glues are available in six variants for different applications and production processes. Planarit 100, for example, is used for cold gluing or in high-frequency presses, while Planarit 171, for example, is used for surface gluing using the hot process.

For high-quality and cost-efficient bonding in the wood sector

The duroplastic adhesives are used for high-quality bonding in the wood sector and are all characterized by easy transport, simple application with water and long durability. They are also cost-effective to use. Users can choose between fast and slow adjustment.

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Planarit 106

  • Veneer joint bonding, longitudinal joint bonding
  • Self-hardening powder glue
  • Very quick reaction time
  • Slower reaction with Planarit 176
  • For longitudinal machines

Planarit 161

  • Surface bonding using hot gluing method
  • Self-hardening powder glue
  • Economical use

Planarit 176

  • Veneer joint bonding, lateral joint bonding
  • Self-hardening powder glue
  • Slow setting
  • Accelerated reaction with Planarit 106

The advantages of Planarit powder glues

  • For high-quality bonds
  • Thermosetting adhesive
  • Simple application using water
  • Easy transportation
  • Long durability
  • Resistant to moisture & warmth
  • Cost-efficient use