New dispersion adhesives from Planatol

Planatol introduces new dispersion adhesives for the graphic arts industry that offer a variety of benefits to users in the areas of film lamination and fold gluing.

Dispersion adhesives with ISEGA certificate

With the “KF LE” adhesives, Planatol is expanding its portfolio of adhesives for print finishing and responding to the increased demands of the market and the increasing competitive and price pressure. The adhesives are suitable for indirect food contact and are ISEGA-certified. Due to the very good adhesion properties, all common materials can be laminated on printed sheets, all current requirements for this application are fulfilled. The adhesives work with the common machine types and convince with excellent processing properties. High embossing strength and good creasing properties are among the performance features, along with an excellent degree of gloss. The adhesives open up new possibilities and advantages for the user in terms of process efficiency and safety: Fewer adhesive changes and lower cleaning costs can save time and money. Depending on the application and requirements, the customer can choose from different adhesives within the product range. Planatol’s application engineers are there to help and advise.

Optimized cost efficiency with new fold adhesives

Planatol has also launched new products in the field of folding adhesives. The folding adhesive pioneer has focused its current product development on optimizing consumption and cost efficiency. The new Planatol Jetline folding adhesives for standard papers set new standards in terms of economy. “We always have our ear very close to the customer,” says Johann Mühlhauser, Planatol Managing Director. “The Planatol Jetline adhesives are the result, we have consciously put the economy in the foreground”, Mühlhauser continues. These new adhesives also stand out due to their high quality, as is customary with Planatol: Best processing properties, low-splash machine operation and short setting time, adapted to the respective application technology, are among the most important properties of the adhesives, which are of course free of solvents and plasticizers.

Planatol Jetline folding adhesives