Minister of State Ilse Aigner and Planatol – smart gluing

Of course we took the chance to talk to the Minister of State Ilse Aigner on the occasion of her visit to the region.

Staatsministerin Ilse Aigner trifft Planatol in Neubeuern

Minister of State Ilse Aigner meets Planatol in Neubeuern

After her speech on the stage of the Gaufest Neubeuern festival, the politician spontaneously accepted that a photograph be taken. She immediately agreed to a selfie and also liked to hold up our company logo including the “smart gluing” claim.

As part of our donation and sponsoring activities, the adhesive manufacturer Planatol has always been supporting different institutions, organizations and associations such as the Sozialwerk Rohrdorf most recently. In the current activity, we support “VTEV Edelweiß”, the organizer of the Gaufest Neubeuern festival, which is active in the cultivation of local traditions and local history.



Please find some impressions of the Gaufest Neubeuern festival here:

Ehrengäste beim Neubeurer Gaufest

Der VTEV Edelweiß dankt allen Unterstützern, darunter Planatol