Successful year-end spurt at Planatol System

Planatol System ends the year 2017 with two successful events. The Spanish representative of Planatol System, Solventagraf, had invited rotary printers from Spain and Portugal to a joint customer event in Toledo. The objective was to present the innovative product portfolio of Solventagraf.

In a complete presentation created by Solventagraf, all partner companies had the opportunity to introduce their company with their products and innovations to the employees of well-known rotary printers. Besides Planatol System, the companies GOSS, Contiweb, In-Log, QuadTech, Elettra and GBZ were also represented.

The focus on Eastern Europe was set by an event organized by G + P Technik in November in Prusanky, South Moravia. Present were companies such as QuadWinkowski and Europrint from Poland, Severotisk and Svoboda from the Czech Republic, Neografia from Slovakia, as well as other well-known rotary printers in Eastern Europe.

In addition to Planatol, other companies from GOSS, Betz Technologie, Gämmerler, WS print (formerly Wolfgang Spielberger), Faist and Nipcontrol had the opportunity to present their company and their products.

These two extremely successful events contribute to a very successful conclusion of the 2017 financial year.


Important product areas of the adhesive supplier Planatol: